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Offerings 2008

We are is pleased to announce that this year’s Offerings, Fuller’s journal of literary and digital art, is now available on-line in digital format as a part of Arts Fest 2008. Although paper-based copies of the publication will also be available at a later date by request, we encourage you to take a moment to check out the literary and photographic stylings of your fellow students online!

Offerings Viewer

We have a few reasons for deciding to begin publishing Offerings in this way:

  • First, the format is “green.” That is, we are conserving resources such as paper and ink by publishing the book online.
  • Second, it’s cost effective (a.k.a. free!)
  • Third, we feel that having a digital copy available makes it easier to share the publication with a much larger community via email, blogs, Facebook, etc.
  • Fourth, we believe that the Offerings’ presence and readership will be increased in that people are more likely to take the time to look through the publication as they are surfing the web than they are to go out of their way to pick up a hard copy on campus.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the artistic aspect of community here at Fuller, and to share in the accomplishments of your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Arts Fest is here!

Theme PosterTheme

Hello and welcome to your 2008 arts fest week! This years theme is “From the Soil” but more on that later…

For now, here is a quick outline of events and happenings of this years fest. A few of these things are open and available daily, the rest are listed with where/when details


  • Community Canvas
    Garth, 10 AM to 2 PM
  • Gallery Open
    Psych Lounge, 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Offerings Literary Journal
    Available online!

Monday, April 28th

  • Gallery Reception
    Psych Lounge, 6PM

Tuesday, April 29th:

  • Conversations with William P. Young, author of “The Shack”
    Students 2 PM, Catalyst and Community 7:30 PM, Travis Auditorium

Thursday, May 1st

  • FUSION: An exploration of art
    7:30 PM, Travis Auditorium

Friday, May 2nd:

  • Katie Herzig w/ The Andrea Davis Band
    7PM, Travis Auditorium (buy tickets in the Garth this week!)

Many thanks to members of ACC and the Fuller community who have helped make these events possible! Here’s to a great artistic and celebratory week!

Fine artists and writers … take note!

Submission for Arts Fest Gallery and Literary journal is approaching! It’s time to start pulling together your work to share with the fuller community! 

There are two opportunities for you starving artists out there to contribute and make yourselves known, for visual artists and writers. 

VISUAL ARTISTS: This year, we have designed two galleries, a Community gallery and a Juried gallery. You have the option to contribute to either, although selections for the Juried gallery will be limited. If you submit a piece of art for the Juried gallery and it is not selected, you will be able to contribute it to the Community gallery, if you so choose. All pieces are to be submitted at the Brehm Center on the Pasadena main campus. Upon submission, you will have to fill out a small release form that grants us permission to hang your work, as well as let us know which gallery you would like to hang it in. Both galleries officially open on April 28th, the Monday of Arts Fest. Please submit all work by April 18th. 

WRITERS: We are also collecting submissions for the Offerings, Fuller’s yearly publication of written and visual forms of art. If you have written pieces of poetry, fiction, prose, or if you have any visual art in digital format, or anything else you would like to submit, please send all work to the official Arts Concerns Committee email address:artsconcerns@gmail.comOnce pieces are collected, we will have a committee select pieces for this year’s Offerings. You’ll be able to pick up the Offerings during Arts Fest. Once a piece is select, we will send you a release form in order to grant us permission to publish your work. Please submit all work for the Offerings by April 11th.

The theme for this year’s Arts Fest is “From the soil,” drawing from the metaphor of the tree and connecting loosely to Fuller’s 60th anniversary celebration of looking to the past, present, and future. Feel free to contribute art that pertains to the theme, although it will not affect selection for the gallery or the Offerings.

So, for all you artist that are dying to be seen and appreciated, here’s your chance!

First Meeting of 2008

Things are starting anew for Arts Concerns this quarter. We’re going to try and have our first meeting this week, Friday, January 11th, at 4:30 PM in Payton 100.

    A couple of things are already on the agenda:

  • Arts Fest!!! With the advent of the new quarter, we need a theme for this year’s Arts Fest. This has to be decided soon, so any ideas you may have, please send them my way, post haste!
  • Postcard project: We have an idea on the table for a Postcard Confession project, much like the Postsecret project ( Show up to talk about some of the things we might be able to do with this in the Fuller community.
  • Also, we are currently talking about a different way to approach the campus as Arts Concerns. If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to the way Arts Concerns run things, this would be the meeting to attend.

Kristin Myers @ The Gallery

big sky
 This Friday, our very own Kristin Myers is having an art showing at Coffee by the Books at 6pm. Swing by for some great art, some wonderful people, and good discussion.
Here is a link to the facebook event. Hope to see you there!   

Fuller Follies 11/9

The beloved Fuller tradition is back! Show off your comedic timing or just be entertained by your peers and faculty members at Fuller’s annual spoof/talent show!

Today is the last day to sign up if you want to participate in the show. E-mail Rob at by Wednesday Nov. 7th at 5 pm (today!).

Otherwise, join us on Friday, November 9, 2007 from 7:00pm – 9:30pm in Travis Auditorium. It’s free, and be sure to stop by the after party in the Catalyst!

ACC meeting

Arts Concerns is having a meeting this Friday, November 9th in Payton 100 at 1 PM. We’ll be talking about Advent Chapel, the Christmas Party, and some development in Arts Fest and opportunities around campus.

Also a sidenote: we are settling on this Friday biweekly meeting time, thought meeting notices will be emailed and posted here as well. If you are not receiving Arts Concerns emails, and you’d like to, please drop a line to